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Easter does now not should be all regarding the chocolate — skip the sugar rush (and the fallout!) and gives the youngsters a sweet sock bunny instead. Get began with a few cotton kid socks and with just a bit hand sewing you are able to have home made pieces in no time.

How to make a sock bunny.  So beautiful!

How to make a sock bunny.

sock bunny materials

How to make a sock bunny.

New cotton socks, new kid or infant size – one sock in line with rabbit
Sewing thread to match the sock
a sewing needle
black embroidery thread
A relaxed pink marker
Mini pom poms, ribbons, or other embellishments
filled toy

Let’s make a sock bunny!

Turn the sock inside out and lay it flat with the heel coping with you.

To make the ears cut back the center of the sock completing merely faster than the heel. Then cut back a triangle on the most efficient of the highest by the use of making two diagonal cuts, as confirmed beneath.

Sew the seam together. Get began on the most efficient stage of one ear and sew along the cut back edge, completing on the most efficient stage of the other ear. Sew with small, corporate stitches. Improve the ‘V’ where the two ears meet just about the heel of the sock by the use of sewing a few double stitches there.

How to make a sock bunny.

Now turn the sock inside out and healing therapeutic massage the ear seams between your thumb and ft to flatten them.

Use small pieces of toy stuffing to stuff the body, leaving the ears unstuffed. Continue together with small pieces of stuffing until the bunny is nice and round. Shape the body into an oval so that the bottom is wider than the best possible. The ears should be on the once more of the head, with the toe of the sock filled to make the bunny’s face. The body should be firmly plump and round quite than elongated.

Decrease out the ribbed phase of the sock. Decrease the sock temporary enough that it will should stretch to meet the bottom. This way, your sock bunny it will likely be corporate and round.

How to make a sock bunny.

Now sew the opening closed with neat little stitches. See pictures beneath.

Sew down the center of the opening, bringing the two opposite sides in conjunction with a single stitch. Repeat a few events. Now sew the two opposite sides together within the equivalent approach.

Fold the raw edges over and stitch via and all the way through the folds to close the holes. End with a double stitch.

To hide the top of the thread, transfer the needle up all the way through the body and out. Pull the yarn and cut back it with regards to the sock. The highest will then disappear during the bunny’s body.

How to make a sock bunny.

Now we can restore the ears; see pictures beneath.

Sew a row of running stitches to the bottom of one ear where it meets the head. The problems should transfer every in front of and behind the ear. Accumulate the ear by the use of pulling the thread together, then secure it with a double stitch where the two ears meet inside the heart. Don’t cut back the thread, sew along the ground of the second ear and join it within the equivalent approach.

Wrap the yarn spherical every ears a couple of events to hold them together. Finish with a double stitch and pull the needle all the way through the body as faster than to hide the top.

Stretch the center of every ear out to the edges to create a satisfying shape, protective the tips pointed.

How to make a sock bunny.

Create the bunny’s face by the use of embroidering the eyes and nose and drawing on the cheeks (see pictures beneath).

Thread the needle with black embroidery floss and tie a knot at the end. Insert the needle at the base of one ear and produce it over the face to embroider the principle eye. Create the eye with a bunch of small stitches to form a circle.

Move the needle all the way through the face and out in position to sew the second eye.

Then transfer the needle once more all the way through the face, coming out where the mouth it will likely be. Sew a move for the mouth, then lift the needle up to the starting point at the base of the ear. Tie a knot and cut back the top of the thread. We will be able to be protective the ends of the embroidery floss with embellishments.

Finish by the use of bringing the needle once more up to your ear, tie a knot, and trim the ends with regards to your head.

How to make a sock bunny.

Add some rosy cheeks with a marker. Use delicate strokes to amplify color, don’t be too heavy.

How to make a sock bunny.

We are just about completed! All this is left to do is add a tail and a couple of embellishments.

Sew a small pom pom to make a tail. Add some pom poms, felt crops or ribbons at the base of the ears and your lovely sock bunny is able for provide giving.

How to make a sock bunny. How to make a sock bunny.

Soar into it (pardon the pun) and get able for Easter. I know the youngsters will love their very own sock bunny…most likely add a couple of little Easter eggs and you are able to be a confident hit.

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