Top 5 Summer Decorating Tips – Elle Lovelock, Real Living Editor

Top 5 summer decorating tips

We are officially days transparent of summer time and there’s no upper time to renovate your home. Exact Living magazine editor Elle Lovelock shares her best 5 summer time decorating tips for welcoming warm-weather, holiday-season guests.

Elle Lovelock, Editor of Real Living Magazine: Top 5 Decorating Tips for Summer

Top 5 decorating tips for summer

1 / Rethink textiles Put across lighter colors and textiles into your home by the use of swapping velvet for linen, deep jewel tones for dusty pastels, and heavy curtains for sheers. No longer anything else says summer time like a white sheer curtain fluttering inside the breeze!

2 / Be fruity Some plants don’t take the heat relatively neatly, so embellish bowls and vases full of beautiful summer time finish outcome. On the consuming room table or kitchen bench, place a tall bowl of lemons or kid melons. In the living room, place small bowls full of cherries or lychees on end tables.

3 / Include the blues One amongst the hottest colors to embellish this season is ultramarine blue. It seems that to be like unbelievable when used on glass (or melamine if out of doors) dinnerware and kit. Despite the fact that the rest of your home is unbiased, having just a touch of this cool hue will usher in a fab summer time vibe.

4 / Engage all the senses Scent is a very powerful part of setting the appropriate mood in the home, so now could be the time to scrub up with uplifting candles, room sprays and diffusers in scents that include notes of mint, lavender, white plants and fruit, like fig or citrus.

5 / What is under the feet? Some of the an important best possible problems you can do to scrub up your home for summer time is to roll up your rugs and put them away until fall. Visually, the huge expanse of floor will make your room actually really feel lighter and airier, and inside the warmer months, laborious ground actually really feel nice and cool underfoot. If you can’t do with no rug, check out a woven chance made of cotton or jute, which may also be lighter than wool, silk, or synthetic blends, and are relatively reasonably priced.

Top 5 decorating tips for summer
Images courtesy of Exact Living.

The prevailing model of Exact Living is full of fabulous ideas for Christmas and summer time decorating. You could be like me… I buy each and every magazine this time of 12 months because of I love Christmas, and I moreover wait for having downtime when I can take a seat down down and devour some magazines.

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