Space to Create : Lauren + Kass Hernandez of Crossing Threads

Lauren + Kass Hernandez of Crossing Threads

It all started with a birthday praise of a weaving workshop in 2015. Now sisters Lauren and Kass Hernandez of Crossing Threads have change into prolific fiber artists. Each and every on completely different whole time profession paths, the ‘weaver-fever’ they have got each and every professional has joined them in a brand spanking new collaborative and stress-free path.

The sister-duo’s creations are textural, herbal and sophisticated, continuously incorporating custom designed made beads and foraged items. Along side Australian merino wool, rather curated fiber and yarn alternatives continuously include things like upcycled upholstery or denim, and a couple of pieces are made exclusively from leftover scraps of previous commissions.

Meet Lauren and Kass…

Sisters Lauren and Kass Hernandez of Crossing Threads

"Undergrowth" by Crossing Threads

Lauren: I’m based in Zetland, a great spot in inner-east Sydney, super with regards to all the scorching spots that Redfern, Alexandria, Waterloo and Surry Hills have to provide, plus easy get admission to to the motorbike lanes to Centennial Park. There’s a superb stability between the developed dwelling clusters like East Village and engaging terrace homes that have been proper right here for years. I in reality like how near to each and every facet street is roofed with gum trees and native plants. Mother Nature however prevails inside the inner-east and lucky for me, my facet street is super quiet and I’m most simple woken by the use of birds chirping loudly inside the mornings.

Kass: I are living in Ashfield, an inner-west suburb in Sydney. I are living in an Art work deco brick condominium with high ceilings and 1920’s appeal. Ashfield is a leafy multi-cultural place that is with regards to the city, however has the nostalgic, suburbia in reality really feel.

Lauren: I in fact create in my mattress room. There’s a blurred line between where I sleep/leisure and art work. Lucky for me, my mattress room has enough floor space to prepare my loom and laptop desk. It actually is my temple, full of stunning textiles, ceramics and keepsakes I’ve amassed across the years. On account of this shared dwelling and art work area, I have change into an enthusiastic particular person of the vacuum as there could also be reasonably a lot of fibre built-up. The lint brush works wonders too!

Kass: I create weaves in my lounge and sunroom, where I art work, leisure and play. It is filled with my stunning textile collections and remnants that I have picked up from my travels. It is our dream in the future to prepare a studio to have a loyal space for all our apply, then again for the immediate, it’ll do.

Lauren: I in this day and age art work full-time as a Fashion designer at an ad corporate and have been running inside the selling industry for over 7 years. Ever since school, I’ve led the life of a ‘ingenious slashie’ – operating against inside the areas of favor working a weblog and pictures, inner styling and collaborating with my ingenious friends on somewhat a large number of duties.

In founding Crossing Threads with my sister, time keep an eye on is an important; I actually do have 2 jobs. My provide full-time serve as might be very tough so as briefly as I get area from art work, I’m each weaving, getting able social media content material subject material, responding once more to emails, networking or doing not unusual admin for the industry. Weekends are the prime-time for Kassy and I to get loads of the art work performed, in particular shoot content material subject material or get IN some solid weaving classes. It’s steady and an ongoing drawback to hunt out the proper stability of Procedure #1 / Procedure #2 / leisure / play / relationships / and time for your self!

Kass: I art work whole time in a undertaking provide serve as for an Australian financial market broker based in Martin Place. I have been running in financial services and products and merchandise industry for over 5 years and the corporate environment is a stark difference to the creativity I employ in my weaving. Even if I completely experience my whole time profession, each and every other waking 2d that I’m really not spending time with relatives, my partner or operating against yoga… I am weaving! After art work and all over the weekends are the highest cases when I will be able to get express myself through this ingenious outlet and apply mindfulness after a busy day at art work.

At home with fiber artists Crossing Threads

Weaving - Sydney based fiber artists Crossing Threads

Lauren: I’ll let Kassy resolution this one!

Kass: In early 2015, I bought Lauren and I a weaving workshop with Natalie Miller for her birthday. It used to be as soon as hosted in Koskela, Alexandria. Emerging up, my sister and I have all the time shared a zeal for paintings and textiles and this used to be as soon as every other selection for us to bond and be informed something new together. We instantly caught ‘weaver-fever’ as they’re pronouncing, and started to experiment with fibre and to find our private aesthetic and magnificence.

Given that we each and every lead completely different profession paths, it is been a serendipitous surprise that Crossing Threads has grown to be a hungry, a success facet industry. What drives me to create is the meditative feeling that I get from the apply that provides this kind of stress-free stability to all other aspects in my lifestyles. For Lauren, Crossing Threads has been a platform for her to apply her accumulative revel in in Ingenious Trail, Social Media Methodology, Content material subject material Creation and Styling, not to indicate allow her to precise herself creatively verses her full-time business serve as in selling.

Crossing Threads is the collaborative art work of Lauren and Kassandra Hernandez, Australian-born sisters of Filipino heritage based in Sydney. The sister-duo creates handwoven fibre paintings that is distinctively extraordinarily textural, herbal and sophisticated. Each and every major full-time careers in selling and fiscal services and products and merchandise, Crossing Threads used to be as soon as at first born ‘a zeal undertaking’ in April 2015 then again evolved proper right into a hungry and a success brand that celebrates the revival of the hand-made through a ‘Gen-Y’ lens.

Each and every piece is an extension of their dual personalities and contrasting skills. Intently inspired by the use of the beauty found in Mother Nature and Australian landscape, the sisters aim to head the boundaries of woven wall paintings by the use of experimentation and use of sustainable fibres. Their rather curated fibre alternatives include Australian Merino wool, plant-based fibres, up-cycled fabrics, roping and other foraged items that aren’t traditionally used in fibre paintings. Their apply have led them to develop their recognisable ‘interknot’ technique, made up of interwining hand knotted chains of more than a few texture and thicknesses.

Crossing Threads goals to inspire, evoke emotion and conjure up memories; celebrating the innate connection that we are all threads that make up the tapestry of lifestyles.

Beautiful textural weavings by Crossing Threads

Crossing Threads Lauren Hernandez

Lauren: Results-driven, devoted, passionate, emotionally-transparent, productive and kooky.

Kass: Driven, organised, refined, enthusiastic, passionate and playful.

Lauren: I’ve all the time been an inventive person since I might have in mind. To seem an end result is something I all the time check out for; to look my ideas come to lifestyles and realised, understanding I am the one writer behind it. It purely is self-expression and the process itself, it merely as crucial as the result. Since I exercise my ingenious muscle in my full-time serve as in selling, weaving has change into a novel ingenious outlet. For more than 8 hours a day, I in fact push pixels spherical on-screen, and to after all have something tangible in my fingers like fibre, it brings me peace. It’s just about like I have to position down my day-to-day tools… and then immerse myself into something new however familiar.

I am inspired by the use of utmost the whole thing. Mother Nature, stunning vignettes on my walk to art work, track and friends that I to find empowering and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Kass: I draw inspiration from the somewhat a large number of textile pieces that I have amassed from my travels. From the craftsmanship used to create such pieces, to how they interact with each and every other, this is all the time the stableness that I check out to achieve in my art work. The unbiased palette is person who I completely experience running with. It not easy scenarios us to create depth and difference through somewhat a large number of textures. Foraged, knotted, woven and interwined = ‘interknot’, a technique that I created through experimentation and person who has change into a selected signature seek for Crossing Threads. The meditative process and the best way weaving makes me in reality really feel ‘supply’ inside the second one is what motivates me to create, and I merely can’t surrender!

Weavings by Crossing Threads

In the studio of Crossing Threads

Lauren: My looms, weaving tools and crucial fibres, my laptop which supplies me get admission to to track/internet and Netflix! Oh positive, burning candles too!

Kass: My looms, weaving tools (scissors, needles, weaving comb), fibres and snacks!

We love to strengthen Australian Merino wool growers related to Nundle Woolen Mill, they are one of the crucial final woollen generators proper right here in Oz.. and their roving and wool is in reality something specific! Other Australian firms we are proud to strengthen are Morris and Sons, a family-owned industry whom produce a mix of top quality fibres. On each and every instance we have were given the danger, we love to repurpose clothes from op-shops and use up-cycled fabrics we’ve found out rummaging through Reverse Garbage to create hand-torn texture right through our weaves. Further in recent times, we have were given collaborated with local Aussie fibre makers where we have were given equipped our cut-off scraps to be handspun into bespoke, one-of-a-kind yarn! We find this in reality superb as it actually is a sustainable way to verify we maximise the use of our fibre.

Beautiful textural weavings by Crossing Threads

Crossing threads - Sydney-based sisters who weave

Lauren: Despite the fact that I don’t have a loyal ‘studio space’, I’m used to dwelling in this multi-purpose mattress room. It is what you’re making it! As long as there could also be colourful natural delicate and privacy, I’m a happy lady.

Kass: I in reality like my ingenious space, as it has all the time been a haven to chill out and wind down after a prolonged day. And who doesn’t love jumping out of bed to start weaving whilst for your pyjamas!

Lauren: How about further hours or however days inside the week?!! One thing I lack is time. Time is the whole thing to me… I merely think if that’s what we’re doing now with full-time jobs… what can happen if Crossing Threads ever turns right into a full-time gig?!! The probabilities haven’t any doubt entertained each and every Kassy and I, then again it’s all about timing.

Kass: Given that we are however to obtain a ‘studio space’, it is our dream in the future to find a ‘temple’ to commit to our weaving apply. Nowadays, our art work is created at each my area or Lauren’s and the storage of materials every so often can be overwhelming. Alternatively through planning and verbal trade we make it art work.

Lauren: I generally listen to one among my curated playlists on Spotify or Audible books. My taste is reasonably more than a few depending on my mood. It may be my all-time favourite Aussie band The Jezabels, a lame romance-comedy on Netflix or a thrilling crime-fiction on Audible.

Kass: I listen to Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Kaytranada and Allen Stone. I moreover put on documentaries that I to find actually crowd pleasing or then again watch the awesome shows on the Foods Neighborhood that all the time conjures up snack breaks in between weaving classes.

Lauren: Coles Fairtrade Herbal fast coffee… please don’t judge. Or tea!

Kass: Hummus and vegemite toast. Coconut infused green tea is all the time a must.

Choosing fibers for weaving

Beautiful textural weaving by Crossing Threads

As our full-time roles and Crossing Threads divide our time, we are all the time self-regulating where each and every other people is at with our level of determination to Crossing Threads. To proportion a zeal undertaking with a pal, let on my own a sibling, you’ll no longer put out of your mind concerning the constant shifts in perspective and wishes one has for the industry. We are however other folks, and as long as we are aligned and are maintaining a healthy stability, the difficulty we put in will be rewarded and superb problems will come. We’re each and every realists in this sense, even supposing are welcome to such choices within the tournament that they align with us.
The bigger symbol for Crossing Threads is to scale the industry and incorporate typical Filipino techniques and fibre practices of our heritage into our art work. Confidently in the future we can give once more to our Motherland and prepare a social undertaking, which enriches families of Filipino craftsmen/women.

Lauren: Josep Royo, Adam Pogue, my partner Tim and Kassy finally! You gotta leap of each other!

Kass: Sheila Hicks, Natalie Miller (as she used to be as soon as the main person that taught us how you can weave!)

Instagram: We again and again draw inspiration from other proficient fibre artists internationally. It moreover provides us a dialogue board to connect with other artists and our global consumers. The vast majority of our commissions are generated from our connections by way of Instagram as we don’t have any paid selling.

Toggl: A great time keep an eye on app which allows us to report the time frame we have were given incurred to create our art work and have the same opinion us worth accordingly.

Iconosquare: This offers us with in-depth analytics of our Instagram engagement and reveals indicators to have the same opinion us reach our targeted audience further effectively.

Gmail: Our most well liked electronic message platform! It syncs our calendars and is very important for all verbal trade

CommBank: Our most well liked monetary establishment of variety! Helps us follow our budget and cashflow.

Beautiful textural wall hanging by Crossing Threads

Beautiful textural weavings by Crossing Threads

Finding the time to in fact create and run Crossing Threads outside our full-time careers, relatives and other commitments. Verbal trade and forward planning has helped us achieve those milestones and it is onerous to stick juggling whilst no longer burning out.

Just like any industry having a separate industry account and retaining report of your price range and cash glide is very important. We all the time invest our source of revenue once more into the industry and spot it as a chance to better our apply or be informed new classes that give us inspiration for brand spanking new techniques and fibre innovation.

It is in no way too past due to start growing and pushing yourself to pursue things you like to do or simply wish to do! By way of laborious art work, determination and all the time being “hungry” there is not any boundary you’ll no longer surpass.

Don’t be afraid to proportion your hobby with the field, as you in no way know whom you’re going to connect to or be exposed to. Imagine, you might be there to create on your self first. If what you do doesn’t make you happy… go to find something that does. Your self-peace and wellbeing will resonate within the art work you create.

We’ve time and again spoken about ‘the day’ that we might give up our provide full-time art work and commit all our efforts into Crossing Threads. The good Jacqui Fink once prompt us “that there will be a turning stage where you’re going to know the stableness stage will tip and for your center and gut, it is the time to pursue it whole-heartedly”.

Crossing Threads amazing weaving

Crossing threads epic fiber art
All photos courtesy of Crossing Threads


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